Program Clinics and Classes

Our young riders travel and participate in local and away shows while receiving instruction from Hilda Donahue. Ashmore Equestrian has a working student program for those students who desire to further their experience in an equine facility and offers various classes for both young and old alike.

Upcoming, Ongoing, and Recent Clinics

Horse Management Clinics

Clinic at Ashmore

Ashmore hosts clinics with presenter Gary Adams for all students and owners to help “de-spook” their equine partners and help them adjust when away at shows in an unfamiliar setting, or while managing around the barn with changes. The clinic has been a huge success and all of the enrollees learn how to build confidence, trust, and a partnership with their horse. The clinics are offered on the grounds and in-the-saddle practical applications for maintaining safety, while building both the rider’s confidence and the horse’s confidence, and creating a strong partnership. Obstacles presented at the clinic include tarps, feed bags, flags, inflatables, scarecrows, barrels, bridge–lots of fun!

Facility Updates

Ashmore is continually striving to enhance the facility and grounds for our horses’ comfort and our clients enjoyment. Our latest project is the reconstruction of our back paddock area…this area is most popular with our horses and ponies as it allows them lots of shady turnout (our Ashmore family believes that our four legged friends are happier and healthier enjoying their day outside rather than in a stall).

Our horses work sessions light, ride early or late in the day, drink plenty of water before, during and after your ride.

Birthday and Party Packages

Children's party

Ashmore offers special custom package prices for birthday parties, holiday parties, or company gatherings held on the Ashmore grounds. The staff will work to make your custom party a very special event and memorable occasion for all who attend. Birthday parties can be held throughout the year and offer far more than a “petting zoo” for children who are aged 3+. We do provide supervision and entertainment for birthdays!

Club and Specialty Programs

Pony Club participants meet on a regular basisAshmore instructors are delighted to work with students and other groups who wish to meet at Ashmore for specialty clinic and classes. Should your group wish to meet at Ashmore or desire an instructor to hold a private clinic for your group, please contact Hilda Donahue at 407-718-5917 to make arrangements.

Currently we have a Pony Club of young ladies who meet at Ashmore and receive instruction by one of our qualified instructors. Ashmore has worked with local Girl Scout troops to assist them with merit badges.


Working Student Program

Ashmore Equestrian Center offers a rigorous, yet rewarding, working student program which has been designed for the student ideally with previous competitive experience, but one who desires to reach a higher level of riding and competing.

Who Can Apply

Our working student program is designed for mature students who can perform the physical farm work and live under limited adult supervision. Working students must be at least 16 years of age. Students will attend events and compete in events while in the program and therefore will need to be excellent time managers in order to realize the full benefits of the program.

Length of Program
There is no required length of stay, although short periods of stay may not be available if there is a student who wishes to commit to a longer period of time. Students are invited to attend for a short period of six weeks to a longer period of one year.

What are the Rates and Responsibilities?Andre posting

Working students are invited to transport their own horse to Ashmore or lease one of Ashmore’s horses. All boarding will be a basic board only. In an average week each student will received between two lessons and will work six days a week. The barn manager will be responsible for setting the student’s schedule and duties each week. The working student will have one weekend day off, and long weekends or vacations can be arranged with notice.

Boarding Rates for Working Students:

Working Student with Own Horse                                            $ 400.00/month
Working Student with Leased Horse                                        $ 850.00/month

What is the Application Process?

All applicants must fill out the application form and mail it to the attention of:

Ashmore Equestrian Center, Inc.
Attn.: Hilda Donahue
501 N. Orlando Ave., Ste. 313-138
Winter Park, FL 32789

Emailed applications will also be accepted if sent to:
You will be notified within two weeks of receipt of your application as to whether you have been accepted into the working student program. After acceptance a contract will be negotiated between the working student and Ashmore Equestrian Center. Any student who is 16-18 years of age must have a parental signature on the contract as well as the student’s signature before full acceptance into the program will be granted. Example of Ashmore Working Student Contract.

What Are the Living Conditions?
Working students, if attending on their own, may choose to live on the premises in the barn manager’s residence, if available. The student will be responsible for keeping their room clean and bath area clean.  Working students can expect to have a room with a bed, dresser, sheets and towels. The student is responsible for washing their own sheets and towels on a weekly basis.
All meals and food are the responsibility of the student and barn manager will delineate and schedule when common areas such as living room and kitchen are available for their use. Students may use the  washer and dryer located in the barn; they are available for use after 6:00pm, Monday-Friday.
Ashmore Equestrian Center, Inc. cannot accommodate students who are accompanied by a parent/guardian and will be encouraged to stay at a nearby long-term hotel or rental property. Working students who are living at another facility should not be under 18 yearsof age, unless staying witha relative.
Andre receiving coaching with Hilda Donahue
What About Transportation?

For insurance purposes, Ashmore Equestrian Center employees are the only authorized personnel who canoperate machinery or farm vehicles. Students who wish to go off property for any reason will need to make their own transportation arrangements. On occasion the barn manager will be able to transport the student, at her convenience, to the store to secure the necessary supplies.

If you considering application to the working student program you will need the following forms:
[Working Student Program Description] [Working Student Application] [Working Student Contract]


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